Scooby's Workshop

Brand Identity, Website Design

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The Challenge

This was a self directed student project for a class I took on Bootstrap at Austin Community College. I noticed Scoobys site was not responsive and wanted to develop a responsive site for the wonderful fitness gems he gives to the world. Scooby if you're reading this, I'd love to help you make this your actual site. Something to give back to someone who gives so much. Visit Scooby's Real Website →

The Solution

Bootstrap was the perfect solution to make the site responsive across all devices. I combed through his site and noticed it was difficult to get back to older posts unless you happened to remember how he had tagged it or the key words to search on. I came up with the drop down menu with landing pages for each main category to make it easier to see. I also created consistency through out site, making it easier to digest the content.

Launch My Version of his Site →