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Areas of Information

  • What are we designing?
  • Do you want it to be a particular size?
  • Do you have copy, or will I be creating it?
  • Are we using a logo and/or any legal desclaimers?
  • Do you have an material that you'd like considered as an ispiration when designing this piece?
  • Who is the target audiance?
  • How quickly would you like to start your project?
  • What is your timeline expectation?
  • What are the aims of the project?
  • How do you see me helping best?
  • In the future when all your concerns and challenges have been overcome, how will you know it is successful?
  • How do you want the product to feel?
  • What user expeiences are important to you?
  • What is the user goal of the website?
  • What is the business goal / purpose of the project?
  • What other sites (or other sources) will people to use to achieve these goals? Why will they use this you instead of alternatives?
  • Who are the different types of users? What are their goals in using the website?

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